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lionwar asked: not a problem love!
this is going to sound so weird but i believe i sort of spoke to you on the phone the other night?
I was the girl who connor got you to speak too :')

haha omg. that was you?

So YOU’RE the culprit behind all of those wonderful photos then? He didn’t tell me you were so pretty!

Elle in a sad pink dress Tumblr- I CHALLENGE YOU TO SCRABBLE. TONIGHT. Be ready to get your ass kicked with 3 letter words like ZED.






gonna make you cry in your sad pink dress, Elle.

Hahahaha. I seriously don’t doubt it.

I love Scrabble but I suck so bad at it…

muhahahahaha. you’ll be all

and me?

but honestly, I’m just a smack talker.. you’ll win and I’ll just

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this is what I like to see on my dash..

this is what I like to see on my dash..

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he’s even hotter in person :/

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