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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?
I’m originally from California, but I move around quite I bit. A gypsy. A vagabond. A rolling stone, if you will. I’ve lived all over the east and west coast of the United states. I currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but I plan to head back to Californ-i-a soon. West coast is the best coast :)

What is your nationality?
This question is a pain in my butt! The truth is I really don’t know anything about my family or family history. My father’s side of the family is French and thats about as far as I know. I’m technically mulatto, but don’t know specifics. I’ve been told I can get a DNA test to determine my ancestry. I plan to do that some day :)

Are you single?
Yes, I am. Lately I’ve been downright asexual. I don’t like discussing these things.

How many tattoos do you have?
I think this is a very strange question because it’s entirely unimportant, isn’t it? Anyway, the answer is 15.

What does the binary code on your arm say?
Love is my religion.

Why are you removing your Medusa chest piece?
I’m removing it first and foremost because it’s poorly done. Certain parts of it are shaky and off center and it annoys me greatly. Not only that, but a lot of people think it’s ME and I don’t like that. Either that’s their way of telling me I’m a snake-headed lady or a lot of people know nothing about Greek mythology lol. If I get scarred from the laser removal process I will be getting a new chest piece, but I’m hoping to remove it entirely. I think I look better with a blank chest :)

Are you a Suicide Girl?
Yes, I am! In fact, I am Suicide Girl of the Year :3

I haven’t seen any new SG sets from you recently. Have you stopped shooting for the site?
Heck no! That would be silly. I love SG, but for the last couple of years I’ve been living in Minneapolis and there are no SG photographers here. I’m going to remedy this situation by GTFO of Minnesota. It’s boring here anyway!

Can you teach me how to tie a tie?
Actually, I still have no idea how to tie a tie. Every time I try it ends up incredibly sloppy. Thankfully I had Lyxzen to save the day when we were shooting that scene lol

I would like to apply to be a Suicide Girl. How/what do I do?
To apply to SG go here and fill out the application. If they like your look you’ll get an email back from them explaining the next step of the process. Good luck!

Do you have any advice to girls who want to apply to be a Suicide Girl?
It’s very important for you to think about whether or not you want to be naked on the internet. Once the photos go up they’ll be there for anyone and everyone to see. It’s something that cannot be undone so you really need to take that into consideration. You need to ask yourself how you’d feel if a friend or a family member happened upon one of your photos. Or future employers even. If that isn’t a concern of yours then my only advice is BE CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF and have fun!

I hear you are a webcam model as well. Is that true?
Indeed it is >:3

Where can I see you cam?
You can find me here

Will you Skype with me?
Nope! Sorry! I don’t use Skype, but you can message me to schedule a show if you’d like :)

Can we be Facebook friends?
I wish! I recently learned that Facebook has a friend limit of 5,000 so I stopped using my old page. I made a Public Figure page if you’d like to connect with me that way. Click.

Will you follow me on Twitter/Tumblr?
I don’t just follow anyone.. I think that would be silly. If you think we’d get along and/or have similar interests point me in the direction of your blog/Twitter and I’ll give it a looksie! No promises though. I’m pretty selective about that sort of thing.

More to come…

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