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Inked Suicide Girl of the Year

It’s that time again! The 50 finalists have been chosen! The prize is huge this year.

Of all of the girls I voted for Riae. I think she’s just wonderful and would be thrilled if she won. She’s colorful, always looks different and is a real knockout.


Please go vote.

Before you do.. maybe you should take a hard look at all of the beautiful women. There are a lot of girls who aren’t as well known and I would love if that changed. Don’t just vote for someone because you know them already. That’s boring.




SuicideGirls: SuicideGirls is looking for music! 


Are you in a band? Are you looking to have your music heard? SuicideGirls is working on a new movie and we are looking for upcoming artists to feature in it!

This is our 5th movie and all of them have aired on cable and internationally! Some of the bands that have appeared on the soundtracks…

A super huge thank you to everyone who voted for me for Suicide Girl of the Year :) You’re wonderful and I love you <3

Check oot my interview with GuySpeed.com: http://guyspeed.com/meet-soya-suicide-our-suicidegirl-of-the-year-winner-interview/

[The photos in the brown jacket are spoilers to my next SG set :D, btw!]



Nikki Lipstick pt2

I love this shirt to death!

I’ve had a secret internet crush on this lady for ages. She’s so divine.

(via man-stuff)


Emma Ink [AKA Emi Suicide] is such a heartbreaker. Hottest WoW nerd I’ve ever seen and probably ever will.

(via nerdjunkies)

Sash Suicide in her new set Nirvana

:3 I absolutely love this shoot.


Warning, Kiefer and I getting silly in Vegas [2009]


Suicide Girls gives me many things to be thankful for.

Editors Note: Yes I made this thingy just for this post.  I was both inspired and sickened by seeing some chick named “Leighton Meester” get a thingy like this, I don’t know who she is and I refuse to Google it.  Fuck that, I like Suicide Girls and boobs way more.  

Editors Note 2: All images can be found full size at…  

Box 1: Clio, Devushka, QuinneBox 2: Wendy???, ???, VivkaBox 3: Too many (or.. not enough), Ally Tindsley, Mandy MorbidBox 4: Melissa Clarke, Rigel, SkylaBox 5: SoyaBox 6: ???, Quinne, ???Box 7: ??????, LotteyBox 8: Aleon, Jane Doe, RadeoBox 9: ???, ???, Zoey.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap.


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