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Gonna be separated from my cat for the first time in almost 4 years. Heartbroken.

My roommate helping me show off my tan. Please ignore the hideous border on the wall. It’s not my fault, OK?

Lava filter?

No words to describe the love I have for these two.

2 AM July 23rd

I haven’t been this happy in a long time.

1989.. I think?



What they said ^

And I really like it as a name.

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More ass for your dash. Pink from spanks or sitting down too long? The world may never know.

O hay

it’s me :3

O hay

it’s me :3

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Maybe you should go check out the new SG book :)

Some Myspace arm for your dash.

I’m a bit self-conscious when I smile so sometimes I practice LOL :B

I did a great job that resulted in a purple butthole. I really like this gif. Plus, my earrings are pizza slices.

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I’m pale again because I didn’t tan because I was playing Half-Life 2. Priorities.

I was going to crop out my strewn about laundry, but I wanted to show you all my window giraffe. OK?

His name is George Foreman Grill. Idky. My friend named him. Anyway..

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