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old + unedited


Me favorite lass. Quick sketch of Soyacide. Did my best to capture her beauty but no pencil could ever recreate her. Jus sayin.


an unedited photo of me smiling. it happens sometimes. shoulda used a better camera >.<

Go out looking cute. Come home a hot mess. I am a fraud. All smoke and mirrors.

p.s. Where the fuck my eyebrows at? lol

SO! I made a post about the GuySpeed SG of the Year contest on a message board that I frequent. This particular message board is full of the strangest people you’ll ever run across…

Anyway, I came back to my topic today and found this “fan art” and thought it was hilarious. I’m assuming it was meant to be mean to me or something, but the hotdog feet just slay me. It is now my default photo there. I thought I’d share it with you all.




"I’m putting this on my blog. Do you want me to credit you in any way?"

Artist- “haha. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just really high.”

Ohh, internet.

kitty party!

I’m baaack ^.^


wut, wut

monkey, monkey butt!

I sit for 5ever and it turns red :B

I miss you. Do you miss me?