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Vincent Van Gogh — Blossoming Almond Tree

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Pulp Illustrations by KaiCarpenter

1. Love Me, Love Me

2. Ain’t Always Sweet

3. Too Late

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My friends and I

We be artists.


I will never get bored of Jacek Yerka’s paintings. His imagination is endless and his artworks are so meaningful, detailed and refined. So calm, but also somehow disturbing at the same time. They show the connection between nature and development. They bring back memories like stories from the childhood.

You can get so many emotions at a first glance. When you look longer and deeper you see more details, more  possible interpretations. You get sucked into this magical world - Yerkaland.

Jacek Yerka is definitely my favourite artist and I’m really proud that he is Polish. 

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A statue featuring superheroes Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman was displayed during a media preview for the Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibit examined how Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and others have influenced big-name fashion designers.

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Zoetica’s Absinthe Eye by ~Tinabarbarina


Artist Kris Kuksi (Vol 19) opened his latest solo exhibition ‘Triumph’ last night at NYC’s Joshua Liner Gallery to a packed crowd, all clamoring for a closer look at his intensely detailed sculptures. For his third solo show with the gallery, Kuksi stunned with several impressively large pieces, including a life-size milk skinned woman atop a long snouted gator, highlighting a departure in scale for his signature tangled cosmos. Furthering his narratives of war and love, the monochromatic pieces featured a hybrid of hubris, satire and romance. View more images of the new work as well as opening night photos below, here on Hi-Fructose: http://hifructose.com/index.php/the-blog/2159-kris-kuksis-triumph-at-joshua-liner-gallery

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Amazing illustrations of Frida Kahlo by Alexey Kurbatov

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BAR 1-9 | 2009 | 8’ x 32’ overall | Blood preserved on plexiglass, UV resin | Right side view

The multi layers of blood and resin used to create this work, some which can be up to three inches thick, allow onlookers to delve into the painting. Each viewing allows the discovery of the nuances Jordan is able to create by manipulating his medium, such as delicate cracking to concentrated fields of uniformity. Color is also a central theme with ranges of rich browns to crimson reds, sometimes mixing metallic pigments, all issuing distinct luminosity to the work. 

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Art Student Hand-Illuminates, Binds a Copy of Tolkien’s Silmarillion

German art student Benjamin Harff decided for his exam at the Academy of Arts to do something only slightly ambitious — to hand-illuminate and bind a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion. It took him six months of work. In very 21st century elvish-monk style, he hand-illuminated the text which had been printed on his home Canon inkjet printer. He worked with a binder to assemble the resulting book. (Source)

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