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Hole - Malibu

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We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

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..everything I ever learned about dancing, I learned from this movie….

^ Seriously though.

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Toy Story, what the fuck

Toy Story, what the fuck

Currently watching Stand by Me

Fact: The first crush ever was on Teddy Duchamp [Corey Feldman’s character]. I was 5. I was p hot for him. Those glasses, unf. That melted ear, UNFFFF

I’ve always liked the weird ones.


Oh my god THIS BOOK. I remember even when I was little I was like “the fuck are you giving your scales away for?? those scales are so shiny they are so fucking shiny. I would keep them. Fuck you and your sharing I would fucking keep them.”

…except I thought this with less of a potty mouth because I was like five, but y’know.

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