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Game of Thrones rap

I got a little grumpy at Joseph earlier, so he made me this video to make me smile.

The Kingsbury Rap (featuring terribleness) by Joseph Shea

If you’re interested in hearing a British guy rapping about nerdy things and sodomy, this is the song for you. haha

I love this… SO MAD though, he just told me he left out this line he wrote for the rap

"We’re gonna wreck shit like birds of a feather, only bound and gagged and mostly wearing leather."

I like the filthy shit we say to each other openly in internet public.

This goes out to all of the haters who called my friends and fans peadophiles for finding me attractive. S-s-s-suck it!

My name is Soyacide
and yeah I got pride
the SG community is beauty redefined
I’m one of a kind
and I think you will find
a nice surprise, betwix these thighs
but whats that? its not right?
wanna pick a fight
because you think I’m wrong?
you say I’m too young, though I’m 22
do you hear whats on my tongue, hoe? I’M 22.
Are you on glue, or are you just brand new?
What preteen do you know with a fucking tattoo?
It’s pretty fucking vile
to put my fans on trial
because they like my smile
shout out “peadophile!”
quite spittin’ that bile, ya fuckin’ imbecile
before I knock you out

and I love her.